Ryan Kelly Audio Engineer
Beyoncé, Son Lux, Jay-Z

Eddie Grey Head Composer
A&E, DirecTv, Megatrax, CBS

Marc Mozart Music producer/engineer
Lil Wayne, DMX, The Chronicles of Narnia

Pibox has massively simplified mix evaluations for me. The ease of streaming mixes and receiving client input in real time has become a core part of my workflow. The connections have been rock solid and it’s a big step forward from uploading and emailing files constantly!

This is something I have been waiting on for a loooooong time. I write hundreds of songs a year and this unique software gives me the infrastructure to stay organized with all my writings partners, collaborators, and music supervisors. Thanks Pibox, for making my life easier!

Pibox became a central hub for all my communications with clients about mixes. One place for all their comments and mix versions. Great service!

Review made for audio content

Use time-stamped comments to review mixes conveniently. Compare versions in the same place.

Chat about ideas on mobile

Handy discuss and comment everything when out of the studio

Try for your platform

Hi-res streaming for faster approvals

Share hi-res audio from your DAW to make instant changes in the mix

Share and store large files in the cloud

Easily drag & drop any type of files to share and manage them